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Soft Bodied.
Birthed by frustration with the repetitive nature of arbitrary design processes, this collection was an attempt to reconnect with garment's spirit and natural sources. I aimed to detach myself from the
 the designs by extracting patterns from mindless drawing exercises and utilizing pre-selected scrap fabrics. Additionally, 
What level of agency is essential from the designer? How much is imposed?
draping fabrics over digitally rendered figures and catching them only with the most necessary manipulation. Through this experimentation, I questioned, What is my role in materializing a concept and how could it be truly investigated if I already have an end product in mind? There is little room to learn when pulling natural elements against their will.
Object Attachment.
Through this product, I aimed to address attachment theory, specifically obsessive attachment to objects. Theorists believe that without reliable human connection, the brain begins to indulge in an alternative reality in which inanimate objects replace social attention. I chose to convey my concept with a detachable shoe, demonstrating the instability of an object which should otherwise by reliable.
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